Celebrating 20 Years
of Dentistry

Dr. Colin Del Rosario started, what is now known as Paramount Dental Center, in 2003 at our Kirkland office location.


Monday, April 24 – Friday, April 28, 2023
at Paramount Dental Center Kirkland and Seattle Offices

Come! Celebrate with us our 20-year anniversary by stopping by one of our two offices, any time we’re open for refreshments, prize giveaways, and just a fun atmosphere where we can reconnect with you!


Everyone loves a giveaway! We want to celebrate 20 years of dentistry in our community by giving away $1000 in dental care!


How Do You Enter? Well, I’m Glad You Asked!

  1. Current Patients Are Already Entered – If you have been into one of our two offices in the last 12 months, you will automatically be entered into the $1000 dental care giveaway.
  2. Complete This Online Form – If your last visit has been over 12 months, please enter here by completing this form.

Enter to Win $1000 of Dental Care

Dr. Del Rosario in 2002

Dr. Colin Del Rosario

in 2003.