Apple Cider Vinegar: Stinky But Healing

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June 14, 2021

By now, you may have already heard, definitely smelled, about the medicinal qualities of apple cider vinegar (APC). And not just any kind of APC, the extra cloudy-looking one with “the mother.” 

The benefits of taking it are vast and include relief of indigestion, sinus pressure, fevers, and even weight control, just to name a few. Believe it or not, APC has been used as a home remedy for thousands of years! This fermented apple juice undergoes a fermenting process that ultimately converts into vinegar by acetobacter, an acetic acid-forming bacteria. It is this acid in APC that withholds the superpower of wellness, and funk. It is one of those ancient super foods that has proven time and time again to be effective in promoting overall wellness.

Though research has shown it has many health benefits, the acid in APC can, over time, be detrimental to your teeth. This is a rare time where I would recommend not brushing your teeth after taking it. A simple rinsing of the mouth with water will suffice.

My recommendation to take APC is similar to the way I like my hot tea–

  • a spoonful of honey (makes the APC go down!),
  • a tablespoon of APC
  • and hot water all mixed up.

And, if I have it on hand, a fresh squeeze of lemon. One cup of this super food in the morning will surely be stinky, but healing.

If you want more information about wellness and Apple Cider Vinegar check out Braggs blog called Wellness Wisdom and this great video of the Science and Benefits.

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