3D Imaging and Digital Scanning

Our dentists and team are proud to offer our patients the newest forms of dental technology to provide the best health care services. We are introducing 3D imaging to our practice, a new form of X-rays that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of visits for patients.

We Are the First Dental Practice in All of Washington State to Have ORTHOPOS SL 3D Devices Installed!

This new 3D imaging technology will allow us to provide our patients with even better care and more diverse options. We will have a deeper understanding of your mouth with clearer and more precise X-rays. You will be able to see a full 3D image of your smile and be more knowledgeable on procedures when we provide explanations to you with this 3D X-ray diagram.

With 3D imaging technology installed at our practice, you will see many benefits at your next visit! The ORTHOPOS SL 3D allows for a variety of options and flexibility in choosing volumes so that we can focus on your entire smile or a single tooth. The revolutionary DCS sensor provides unparalleled image sharpness. The revised EasyPad, a touch-screen control for the device, provides higher resolution, higher contrast and a better feel, making it even easier to use. We will also be able to view your patient history at a glance.

ORTHOPOS SL 3D: The Complete X-Ray Solution

The ORTHOPHOS SL 3D is a genuine all-rounder X-ray device. From incredibly sharp 2D panoramic images with its DCS sensor and Sharp Layer Technology to full 3D volume flexibility due to its selectable fields of view, and easier, more secure patient positioning for the perfect image, the ORTHOPHOS SL 3D allows our team to offer a new level of excellent patient care. Paired with SIDEXIS 4, this technology offers even more options for our practice, allowing us to be more efficient than ever before:

  • Direct Conversion Sensor for incomparable sharp image quality
  • Variety of 3D volume sizes for absolute flexibility
  • Sharp Layer (SL) technology ensures the entire jaw is in focus
  • Interactive SL for subsequent lingual/buccal object focusing without a second X-ray
  • SIDEXIS 4 imaging software: modern, intuitive, unique tools
  • Optimal positioning thanks to patented and brilliant solutions

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