It’s almost certain everyone will have to deal with the most basic of dental maladies: cavities. If left unaddressed, cavities can cause much more widespread tooth decay and oral pain.

What Is A Dental Filling?

Fortunately, since they are such a common issue, dental technology and procedures are quite advanced in dealing with these unwanted enamel intrusions. One such technique our dentists can use is fillings. When a cavity is removed, ensuring the infected portions of the tooth no longer remain, it can leave an open space that not only threatens the structural integrity of the tooth but can make it easier for infection and decay to once more take root. A filling fixes this by replacing the lost tooth materials with a wide variety of available substances.

Traditional fillings are often metal, such as silver, gold and platinum. While these substances are still in use today, they are not as popular considering high cost and the fact that they visibly stand out from the tooth. More modern options include ceramics, resin amalgams, glass composites and other combinations that offer the same benefits as metal fillings but blend into the tooth much more easily.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where a filling is necessary, our dentists and team at Paramount Dental Center will help you. It’s best to weigh your budget and maintenance needs with the following pros and cons:

  • Cost — Some filling materials are more expensive, and upfront procedure costs may be higher.
  • Aesthetics — Certain fillings blend in with enamel much more easily, and on casual observation, it may appear that the tooth is perfectly normal. Other materials make it quite obvious that the tooth has been treated.
  • Durability — Filling materials that either cost less or blend in with the tooth may not be as durable as other options. Do you want a good-looking filling that lasts just around five years or a more obvious filling that lasts ten or more? It’s up to you!

Fillings can cause side effects such as tooth sensitivity and may require retreatment or reapplication in the following years. However, when it comes to preventing further tooth decay, they are an undeniably proven solution. Learn more about dental fillings in Kirkland and Seattle, Washington, and how they can help improve your oral health. Contact us today to schedule with Dr. Colin Del Rosario, Dr. Alfadhli Abu and Dr. Julie Vu.

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