The pillars of wellness are Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Sleep, and Exercise.
The active pursuit of balancing these pillars creates a strong immune system.

As dental professionals, we see inflammation all the time. Gums that are diseased–bleeding, inflamed, chronically swollen and sore. Tragically, many people incorrectly think that these symptoms are normal or will easily pass on its own. Think of it this way: if you washed your hands and your skin started bleeding, wouldn’t you be concerned?

Your mouth is the initial battleground for your immune system.

Your mouth is the link between the external environment and the immune system. Your mouth is the initial battleground for your immune system. If you have bleeding gums, your immune system is at war. As this war progresses, your bone levels get scarred, your gums erode and become ulcerated. Microorganisms can enter the body through this pathway and cause a myriad of chronic illnesses and diseases.


If you have gum disease, you need to:

  1. Have the debris removed professionally followed by extensive oral hygiene instruction to prevent the formation of more.
  2. Increase nutrients that form your teeth and immune system.
  3. Reduce inflammatory foods in your diet.
  4. Balance your microbiome.
  5. Get proper restorative sleep.

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